Praesidium Oil Co (“POC”, “Praesidium”) is a privately owned Texas limited partnership and was founded in 2018 to manage and acquire mineral interests and overriding royalties primarily focused in West Texas. POC currently owns interests in over 250 oil and/or gas wells and more than 45,000 acres of land within the core of the core of the Permian Basin.

Unlike other private equity backed or public traded companies, Praesidium and its affiliates have a long-term investment outlook with flexible capital, allowing us to provide maximum value to mineral and royalty owners in any given situation.

POC and its affiliates are well capitalized allowing us the opportunity to look at assets of all sizes. In 2019, we purchased one of the largest privately acquired Permian mineral assets in recent history. We insist that our business is conducted the right way, so mineral and royalty owners can expect fair and dignified treatment from the Praesidium team and our business partners.

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